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First, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for coming to class early. It means a lot to me, especially when I realized half the people that were on the roster were not showing up at all. Of course, those people will be dropped from the course because the school requires me to do that. If someone doesn’t show up to the first three sessions, they will be dropped and replaced with someone on the wait list. But you have to remember that we mean they must miss all three sessions. In other words, they must miss session 1 and session 2 and session 3. If someone misses session 1 and 2, but then shows up to session 3, then legally we cannot drop them.
Now, if you are on the wait list, you have several options. You can wait around for a while and see what happens. The problem with this is that it may or may not end up being a waste of your time. You have to attend every session, do the homework assignments, attend lecture, go to discussion sessions, do the labs, and maybe take the exams. If during the first 4 weeks of class someone drops, you will be added and from then on, you will be considered a regular student, just like everybody else. Now here is the problem. If nobody drops, then after week 4, the chances of that happening will be practically zero. And the university policy does not allow us to let students that are not enrolled attend class after week 4. So we have to kick you out, and none of that work that you did will count toward anything. If you are willing to take such risk, I will be happy to talk to you and let you stay in and hang around.
There are two other options, which I am sure you are already aware of them. One option is to take another class. The university offers hundreds of classes that are open for you to enroll in immediately. If there is another class that meets your requirements, whatever those requirements may be, grab a spot while you can. This way, you are guaranteed to be enrolled and you won’t waste your time. The other option is to wait for this class another semester. It is taught every semester, including summer. Maybe if you wait, you can grab a spot next time. But the problem with this is that you may not be able to enroll next semester either. What if it fills up again? That’s something you have to consider.
Last week, my daughter was hit by a bus, and she got injured. We decided to look around for a lawyer and we found this bus accident attorney. They were very helpful, and they are filing a lawsuit against the insurance company of the bus company. She will also have major medical bills because her knee was completely broken and it had to be reconstructed. The medical bills will be something that we have to fight hard for. She was not wearing good shoes and slipped and fell on the street, and the slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles will help her with her case. I find it unfortunate that people can be so careless. I mean what does it take to be a little more careful. If someone doesn't text and doesn't think about their work or their problems when they drive, maybe we wouldn't have so many accidents to have to hire accident lawyers and file lawsuits. That's just my opinion.

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